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“Jacky provided me with a calm and focused place to consider how to improve my health, particularly around food and eating. The behaviours I changed as a result will continue to bring me benefits well into the future. I am grateful to Jacky for her unjudgmental, practical advice and time to talk and listen. If you are looking for a committed, caring health coach I would have no hesitation in recommending Jacky."

Katherine Smith

“I had a great experience working with Jacky for 6 sessions. Jacky was extremely professional in her coaching practice. She provided guidance and knowledge about blood sugar balancing throughout but gave me space and flexibility to explore my goals at my own pace too. A really positive experience that helped me build some very positive habits towards my diet. Thanks Jacky"

Eve Castelow

“I really enjoyed working with Jacky as my health coach, she tailored the plan to the areas I wanted to work on and she was very knowledgeable when I had questions about foods I was eating and the impact they have on me. Each session was varied and different and I really enjoyed learning more about nutrition. I feel more motivated to keep up the changes I have put in place, knowing more about the benefits they will have now.”

Milly Hindle

“Jacky has been great in helping me assess my current habits and identifying areas I could improve
through chunking down small goals over the weeks. It’s been really helpful having her advice and support to help me improve my diet and start embedding healthier eating habits”.

Laura Spooner

“I found that sessions with a Health Coach were very helpful while on my journey to a better me!

Jacky was very encouraging and knowledgeable. Having not been aware that Health Coaches existed,
it was great to benefit from time with Jacky”.

Joanna Smith

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